Hiding Out In My Hanes

Hiding Out In My Hanes

I guess since we’ve decided to skip fall in New York the reality that it is in fact November has been rather comforting. But we all know what that means – tis the season to stay inside, inhale leftover Halloween candy and binge on Stranger Things.

Not to bore you with empty phrases, but when it comes to me lounging at home comfort truly is key. Most days I am barely adult enough to put on pants, which luckily is accpeted in my workplace aka my apartment.

Most of my favorite comfy items are from my friends at Hanes, and now that it’s getting chilly outside their sweaters, like my favorite Hanes Eco-Smart Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt, have become my main at-home companion (with my favorite Hanes Cool Comfort Underwear underneath). The best part? On the rare occasions I forgo Seamless and venture outside, I can easily layer them under my coat, put on some pants and give that whole adult thing another go.

**Thanks to Hanes for partnering with me on this post. All my opinions are my own.

Dinning Table : Wayfair

Dinning Chairs & Covers: CB2



Recently someone asked me what my hair style said about me. It was a Tuesday. I hadn’t washed my hair since Saturday, so here I was sporting a dry shampooed top knot, trying to draw a parallel between said ‘nest’ and my current self.


I went with, “low maintenance”. Seemed cool.

It was an interesting question though. At first I only considered it within that moment, the literal sense of what I was projecting. But as I started to look back over the years I realized a trend in my tendency to change my hair style whenever I was going through a new beginning and embracing change.

Two moments in time stick out here…

Just over three years ago I married the person I thought I would do life with. We’d fallen madly in love and for many years, he was my world. We tied the knot and in the first days of my newly acquired role as ‘wife’ I chopped my waist length hair into a chin length bob. A new start, a new me?

A year and a half later I learned the very real lesson that even the best people can make irrevocable mistakes. That often life isn’t black and white. You can fall between the cracks, and sometimes when you’re down there, you lose each other.

I moved to New York on my own. My hair was still short but after settling in my new city I put extensions in and regained my waist length hair. Another new start, another me?

I’ve never really considered what this means before. I’m sure there’s some deep psychological meaning we could extract from it all, but maybe it really is as simple as ‘a new start, a new me?’

We redefine ourselves many times throughout life, and maybe these little outward changes help us find strength within. Maybe it’s our way of telling the world we’re on a new warpath. Or maybe, it’s how we tell ourselves…

I’ve partnered with Herbal Essences to embrace life’s changes, big or small. Check out this video to hear stories from other amazing women.


These Little Birdies

These Little Birdies

You know that expression ‘walking on a cloud?’ Well whoever said that was wearing a pair of Allbirds. They’re indisputably the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet, and I’ve taken many-a-shoe for a spin.

Interestingly enough, despite their athleisure appearance, they’re not ‘performance’ shoes. I say ‘interestingly’ as I feel more compelled to walk around the city in them, than any one runner has ever obliged me to. And if something has inspired exercise in my life, that is worth writing about.

So why so comfy? Well they’re made from super soft merino wool, they weigh next to nothing and they’re designed for you to go sock-less. What an invention.

Shop my favourite pair here.

Sponsored by Allbirds, but all opinions are my own.

Hanging In My Hanes

Hanging In My Hanes

How important is comfort to you guys? On a scale from 1 to 10 it rings in at about 15 for me. I’m all for wearing ridiculous things in the name of fash-un, but day to day my productivity (and sanity) hinges largely on comfort level. I’m happiest in a t-shirt and jeans, and a comfortable bra is mandatory – otherwise I’m not wearing one.

My friends at @hanes are on the same page, so I’ve partnered with them again to share my current favorite comfy items featuring the best t-shirt/bra combos with their Comfort Flex Fit Wirefree bras and Nano Tees. These live-in pieces are staples for me at home and when I’m on the go.

As part of my partnership you guys can shop the look and get this Hanes CFF bra for $12 or Nano tees for only $4 with promo code RUEHANES.

Thanks to Hanes for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own!

Beach Hopping In Italy

Beach Hopping In Italy

Last week Char and I touched down in Italy and spent a few days wandering some of the Northern coastal towns – Portofino, Santa Margherita and down through Cinque Terre. Between our carb loading and gelato tastings we took to beach hopping and soaking up those Italian rays.

When shopping for travel swimwear the two things I want are comfort and versatility. I end up living in my bikinis so I need them to work with my outfits too. This gingham bikini set is from Primark. I grabbed it along with some extra black bottoms and a plain white top so I can swap the pieces around for different looks – this goes a long way when traveling for extended periods of time.

Time for a siesta.

Summer Inner Wear Staples With Hanes

Summer Inner Wear Staples With Hanes

I’ve been wearing Hanes for as long as I can remember. Growing up it was a household brand in our family. Many Christmas mornings I’d rip open my stocking to find a ball of new Hanes tucked in the bottom (Santa and I suffered some misunderstandings) and the brand has stuck with me throughout years. So I’ve partnered with them to help showcase their Cool Comfort collection, designed to literally keep you cool throughout the summer days. And we all know how important that is.

Here I am lounging in the Cool Comfort Microfiber Hipster Undies and ComfortFlex Fit Oh So Light Wirefree Bra.

Let me start by saying I love granny panties and I hate underwire. There’s nothing better than full bottom parachute pants and a stretchy bra. Are you wondering if I’m still single? Yes, I am. Single and basking in the comfort of surface area. I will add that Hanes does offer other style options. You know, for those times when less is more.

The highlights of these undies – they’re part spandex, entirely breathable microfiber and panty line free. I walked 8 city blocks, ate a bagel, climbed 4 sets of subway stairs and can confidently attest to all of the above.

The highlights of this bra – it has 4 way stretch, something called Smart Sizes Shape to Fit You, and “feather like fabric” to feel like your second skin. As far as bras go, this one is super comfortable and gave my chest a good shape under my Hanes Nano T-Shirt – which is very important to me. No one likes torpedo boob.

My verdict. You will be comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them and as far as underwear’s ability to control body heat levels, they’re doing their part.

For 10% off your next order of $50 from now until 9/1, use promo code RUETEN. Exclusions include C-Life, C-Europe and Clearance.

This post is sponsored by Hanes, but all opinions are my own!

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