Recently someone asked me what my hair style said about me. It was a Tuesday. I hadn’t washed my hair since Saturday, so here I was sporting a dry shampooed top knot, trying to draw a parallel between said ‘nest’ and my current self.


I went with, “low maintenance”. Seemed cool.

It was an interesting question though. At first I only considered it within that moment, the literal sense of what I was projecting. But as I started to look back over the years I realized a trend in my tendency to change my hair style whenever I was going through a new beginning and embracing change.

Two moments in time stick out here…

Just over three years ago I married the person I thought I would do life with. We’d fallen madly in love and for many years, he was my world. We tied the knot and in the first days of my newly acquired role as ‘wife’ I chopped my waist length hair into a chin length bob. A new start, a new me?

A year and a half later I learned the very real lesson that even the best people can make irrevocable mistakes. That often life isn’t black and white. You can fall between the cracks, and sometimes when you’re down there, you lose each other.

I moved to New York on my own. My hair was still short but after settling in my new city I put extensions in and regained my waist length hair. Another new start, another me?

I’ve never really considered what this means before. I’m sure there’s some deep psychological meaning we could extract from it all, but maybe it really is as simple as ‘a new start, a new me?’

We redefine ourselves many times throughout life, and maybe these little outward changes help us find strength within. Maybe it’s our way of telling the world we’re on a new warpath. Or maybe, it’s how we tell ourselves…

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