Photo by Timothy Muza


You can’t beat girl time. Especially when you manage to round everyone up at once, throw on some good tunes and chill out over cold drinks and good food.


A few weeks ago, compliments of Palm Bay, we got to do exactly this. My girls and I spent the afternoon picnicking in the backyard, reminiscing over old times, stuffing our faces with our favourite spreads and letting time stand still for a few hours.


It’s crazy how fast life flies by. You start talking about the ‘good old days’ and realize how many memories you have together and how much they stand out over time – the crazy ones, the tough ones and those favourite ones you’ll laugh about forever.


No matter where life’s taken us we’ve all stayed connected and its day’s like this you really enjoy the true meaning of friendship and what it means to have ‘your girls.’

© Laurie Ferraro 2018