My first NYFW has come to an end and I’m now sitting in my living room wearing an oversized In N’ Out t-shirt, old pair of pyjama shorts and some mis-matched socks. It’s my favourite outfit of the week. I kid (kind of).


Well I can only recount the last (to be honest I have no idea how many days the ‘week’ actually is) from my own personal experience as I’m positive it is not the same for all those in attendance. There were no private cars for me, just an exorbitant uber bill. I did get body checked by KK’s body guard at the Kendall & Kylie party though – so we’re basically bffs now.


Anyways. My first lesson of the week was that September in New York is the equivalent of living inside the equator. I have yet to learn the weather in fahrenheit (not likely that I will) so it was an average temp of 35° with 1000% humidity and no breeze. Last Friday, at 9:30pm we enjoyed a blissful 37°, I could hardly eat my Tacombi tacos – which is saying a lot as I had tacos for dinner 4 times last week.


So naturally, for the first two days, I wore a Kenzo sweater, ankle boots, and shouldered a bomber as I’ve always been one to dress appropriately for the weather.


Photos by Jeff Shuh (unless otherwise stated)


Image sourced from Popsugar

Image sourced from Popsugar


Day 1 Outfit

Tenby Frilled Top

Alice + Olivia Skirt here

Dior Sunglasses here

Chloe ‘Drew’ Bag here (more versions here)

Hemant and Nandita Bomber (similar ones from Topshop here and here)


Day 2 Outfit

Kenzo Sweater here

Zara Skirt (similar here)

Friend in Fashion Ballettonet Boots here (more affordable version here)

Florian London Bag here



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