If there’s one thing I learned about fashion at an early age, it’s to never say never, particularly if the face of trends. We’ve all done it, sworn we’d never wear that style of shoe, or that cut of jean, yet at some subsequent point there we are donning the very item we once condemned.

But this is how fashion works…

A new trend emerges on the runway and despite the ooh’s and aah’s of the fash-un world we think to ourselves, “there’s no way anyone could wear that in real life”. Then a season goes by and you start to see the style featured on your favourite blogs/mags and you think, “it looks good on her, but I could never pull it off”. Then suddenly it’s clogging up your Instagram feed and the homepage of ASOS and before you know it you find yourself standing in that godforsaken fitting room line at Zara clutching that very style you swore you’d never wear. But this is a good thing!

Trends change, fashion evolves, and with it so does our taste. If we reject this our personal style will never mature. It’s about making the trend fit you. I wouldn’t classify myself as a pink girl, but this blush tone works with my neutral pallet, and the boxy cut of each piece offsets the feminine tone with a masculine shape. So it’s different, but it’s still me.

The moral then of my ramblings is that you never know what your fashion future holds. So the next time you find yourself swearing off a style take a second to think, if you did wear it how could you make it work?



LIFE with BIRD Top

LIFE with BIRD Shorts

Botkier Bag

Zara Boots (similar here)

New Hair Colour by Edwards And Co.

Shot by Wesley Tan

© Laurie Ferraro 2018