Wherever I find myself in the world I usually end up declaring that I’ll be moving there, I’m so easily infatuated by places and cultures, I’m like that girl in middle school who doodles boy’s names in her notebook, except I’m doodling cities. 

Paris is truly magic though. It’s one of the few places where everyone has style, every corner is a post card, and everyone somehow manages to maintain the complexion of a twelve year old while chain smoking cigarettes and sinking glasses of red. 

I spent four days in the city this time. We stayed in Le Marais, one of the oldest parts of Paris and home to the cutest cafes, cutest boutique shopping and cutest boys. There were quite a few plant based options for food as well – Hank Pizza & Wild And The Moon are both on Rue des Gravilliers and both worth checking out… though I still inhaled baguette with brie, because when in France… 

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