…without loosing the use of your arms.

It’s actually easier than you think. Resist the urge to bundle on everything you own, put down the puffer jacket and start from the bottom.

  1. Build your look with thin layers. Long sleeve tees like this first. I often layer these using different lengths – longest on the bottom so it shows, creating that layered look. Don’t be afraid of undershirts either. I’ve been wearing one since my Mom was dressing me. This isn’t for style. Just survival.
  2. Wear jeans. I always wear jeans (or leather pants) when its cold, and if its arctic I throw a pair of tights on underneath. I have no business in skirts this time of year.
  3. Layer your socks. I clearly had no regard for my ankles in this image, but normally I put my thin H&M ankle socks on first, followed by a taller pair. If Im wearing ankle boots Ill pull these taller socks up over my jean cuffs so they show out the top.
  4. Use thin sweaters. I love a chunky knit, but they’re not conducive to sleek layering. I stock up on thin cashmeres like this and pull it over my long sleeves tees. Again, make sure the tees can be seen out the bottom of your knit so you don’t loose the effect.
  5. Layer on your leather jacket. I know this sounds a little much, but I do it all the time. I have a couple leather biker jackets like this that are thin enough to fit under my overcoat. This way you can leave your overcoat undone as well.
  6. Overcoat/trench.
  7. Finish it off with accessories. A scarf and toque (beanie) are standard for me. Unless Im having a great hair day. Then I’m beanie free.

Happy layering!

© Laurie Ferraro 2018