I’m lucky to have a job that allows me to travel so much, but that also means I’m always on the move – and sometimes in uncomfortable places. From airports to airplanes to Ubers to hotel rooms there’s one thing that remains constant – I have to be comfortable.  

As the new year begins and we set our sights on new goals, I’ve once again partnered with Hanes and our friends at Kohl’s to spread the Comfydence message that “confidence starts with comfort”. Hanes wants to help give you the confidence you need to achieve these goals by providing the most comfortable foundation for your looks. Whether your goal is career-related, social life-oriented, or smashing an entire pizza from the comfort of your own couch — Hanes has you covered. Here, I’m feeling confident wearing the Hanes Ultimate Cotton Stretch Cool Comfort in the Bikini cut and the Hipster cut the Soft Natural Lift Foam T-Shirt Bra, all available at Kohls.com. The Nano-T T-shirt I’m wearing is available at Hanes.com.

For me, if I’m in front of the camera or networking at events it’s important that I feel my best in order to look my best. I find that what I’m wearing seriously dictates my mood and energy throughout the day. So whether I’m dressed up, dressed down or barely dressed at all, Hanes keeps me comfortable and confident from the inside out.

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