For those days where you simply want to wear a t-shirt and jeans, I’ve learned to practice the lazy mans approach to incorporating trends. Cheat pieces if you will, that play on the trends without fully diving in i.e. pops of colour and a la mode accessories.


The scarf for example is no break through item, it’s as basic as the day is long, but worn in an on-trend print or colour it does the trick for those days when you just don’t give AF.


Sunglasses are another no brainer. Stock up on a few inexpensive pairs in the trending shapes and colours and they’ll elevate your outfit effortlessly.


Editor’s note: This strategy works even better when paired with a friend who is nailing all trends consistently (@cheraleelyle).



(ft. Cheralee Lyle of Ascot Road)

Urban Outfitters Scarf here

YHF Sunnies here

n:Philanthropy Tank here

DSTLD Coated Jeans here

Sol Sana Shoes here


Shop cheat pieces:


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