My Top Ten Overalls For Fall

My Top Ten Overalls For Fall

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Wearing: Blank Denim Overalls 


#OOTD 24.08.17

#OOTD 24.08.17

Image from my Instagram @theruecollective



T-shirt – Opening Ceremony

Skirt – Tibi

Boots – Alexander Wang

Sunnies – Karen Walker


Miami Instagram Diary

Miami Instagram Diary

I love Miami. I could never live there permanently but I’m down to visit on the reg. I believe it’s the closest experience I’ll have to being a twenty-something in the 80’s. I also believe it’s the only place I can wear a white jumpsuit and not feel like I’m casting for an episode of Miami vice. Or maybe that’s exactly what I feel like, and that’s why I love it. At any rate, whenever I find myself in this beautiful city of white marble and platform shoes I seem to have a better than average time, and always come back a deep shade of mahogany.

This trip I stayed at The Miami Beach Edition Hotel in South Beach. Great hotel. The Matador Room, which is the hotel’s main restaurant, is one of my favourite places to eat in Miami. I eat here even when I’m not staying at the hotel. If you go, sit outside and order the Tartar and the Chicken Tacos. Do not order the Mezcal cocktail that comes with a flower in it. It tastes like what I imagine licking an old leather handbag would be like. That’s my only complaint.

My other favourite restaurant in Miami, which I have zero complaints about, is Seaspice. Order the Coconut Salmon Ceviche, the best I’ve ever had. Also, if you are fortunate enough to own a boat, or you are wise enough to befriend someone who does, you can dock it right alongside the restaurant. They also have really cute waiters.

Until next time Miami x

Outfit Details

White Knotted Top – Faithful The Brand

Red Striped Dress – Reformation 

Blue & White Striped Dress – Revolve

Navy & White One Piece – Mei L’ange New York

Black & White Striped Bikini – Triangl

Sunglasses – Karen Walker

Espadrilles – Marc Fisher

Miles To Go Hat – Bits And Pieces

5 Tips For Rainy Day Dressing

5 Tips For Rainy Day Dressing

It’s starting to feel like we’re never going to see the sun again in this city, which has brought a few things to my attention. One, that I am incapable of keeping track of umbrellas. Two, that I need to expand my repertoire of indoor activities in New York and three, that dressing for perpetual grey skies and rolling showers brings to light a whole new wardrobe challenge.


Schlepping around in wet socks and damp clothing is not a sacrifice I’m willing to make in the name of fash-un. However, walking countless city blocks (thanks to uber surging) in cumbersome rubber boots is equally not an option. So here’s a round up of my 5 rainy day ‘tips’ to make life a little easier in the drizzle.


  1. Waterproof your leather ankle boots and swap them in for the wellies. Unless you’re wadding through flood waters thick, knee-high rubber is not necessary.



2. Wear black, lightweight denim. It’ll dry quicker once you’re inside and won’t display signs of the rain you just copped.



3. Don’t wear silk or delicate fabrics. You’ll likely ruin them, but also, they look like hell when wet. Cotton on the other can take a beating and will also dry quickly inside.



4. Choose sturdy outwear, flimsy windbreakers are no one’s friend. A longer trench is most ideal, but leather jackets work too – just remember to wipe them down when you get indoors.



5. Invest in a sturdy umbrella – and chain it to your wrist!! That said, failing my own ability to keep track of it, I’ve resorted to quantity over quality.


Serenity Camp, Mexico

Serenity Camp, Mexico


I’ve never been big on camping on account of having to sleep on the ground in a dewy tent, which inevitably turns into an incubator come sunrise. That said, I love the outdoors and I’m always down for an adventure, I’m just nursing a mean case of asthma.


A couple weeks ago in Mexico however I landed at Serenity Luxury Eco Camp by Experience Hotels at Xpu-Ha Beach and had my first ever Glamping experience with tents the size of cabins, king size beds with pillow tops and properly heated showers.


This place is actually one of the coolest properties I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. While it’s fully equipped as a resort, it still offers a unique ‘outdoor’ experience that 100% feels like an escape from the city. The grounds are decked out with Balinese artifacts and designed based on the original African Glamping concept (Yes, apparently Glamping started in Africa).


The camp is a 5-minute stroll to Xpu-Ha beach, a local hot spot lined with outdoor bars and restaurants on the sand. You can lay in the sun drinking Margs until your heart’s desire. They’ll also deliver lunch to your chair, so obviously I ate the shrimp tacos and guacamole from a horizontal position every day.


While on the topic of food, I would also like to mention one of Serenity’s breakfast dishes that is basically nachos with an egg on top – my very definition of a breakfast of champions. It is so delicious.


So if you’re not Bear Grylls but you’re down for some outdoorsy stuff, check out Serenity Eco Camp, you’ll love the change of pace.



Blue Off The Shoulder TopAnn Taylor

Green & Navy Pleated Skirt – Ann Taylor

Crochet One PieceSuboo (similar here)

White BikiniASOS Options

Black One PieceForever 21 (similar here)

Navy Head ScarfAnn Taylor

Green ScarfAnn Taylor

Geometric EarringsAnn Taylor

Yetti SunglassesSunday Somewhere

Gold SunglassesSunday Somewhere



*In partnership with Serenity Eco Camp. All opinions are my own.

How To Layer In Winter…

How To Layer In Winter…

…without loosing the use of your arms.

It’s actually easier than you think. Resist the urge to bundle on everything you own, put down the puffer jacket and start from the bottom.

  1. Build your look with thin layers. Long sleeve tees like this first. I often layer these using different lengths – longest on the bottom so it shows, creating that layered look. Don’t be afraid of undershirts either. I’ve been wearing one since my Mom was dressing me. This isn’t for style. Just survival.
  2. Wear jeans. I always wear jeans (or leather pants) when its cold, and if its arctic I throw a pair of tights on underneath. I have no business in skirts this time of year.
  3. Layer your socks. I clearly had no regard for my ankles in this image, but normally I put my thin H&M ankle socks on first, followed by a taller pair. If Im wearing ankle boots Ill pull these taller socks up over my jean cuffs so they show out the top.
  4. Use thin sweaters. I love a chunky knit, but they’re not conducive to sleek layering. I stock up on thin cashmeres like this and pull it over my long sleeves tees. Again, make sure the tees can be seen out the bottom of your knit so you don’t loose the effect.
  5. Layer on your leather jacket. I know this sounds a little much, but I do it all the time. I have a couple leather biker jackets like this that are thin enough to fit under my overcoat. This way you can leave your overcoat undone as well.
  6. Overcoat/trench.
  7. Finish it off with accessories. A scarf and toque (beanie) are standard for me. Unless Im having a great hair day. Then I’m beanie free.

Happy layering!

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