NYFW Diary: Day 3

NYFW Diary: Day 3

Day three was a light one. I only went to one show, a Chinese designer Taoray Wang, whom I’d never heard of before – which I like.

The show as a whole was an interesting experience for me. Weeks back I actually met Susan Shin who’s PR agency was putting it on. We were at a dinner with mutual friends and got to talking. Fast forward to fashion week and there I am sitting in prime runway real estate, next to … I’ll use the term celebrities here … though I had no idea who they were. They had statement sunnies and body guards and the press were falling over them. Guaranteed I’m photo bombing half those shots like a deer in the headlights, with my three-day old hair and track pants from last season.

Anywho… thoughts on the clothing (cause that’s what we’re all there for right?!??) Half of it I was into. The other half had bows. The belts were a highlight for me. Actually, do we call these belts? Waists cinchers? Whatever they are, I want one.

After the show I went home, laid on my couch and ordered Poke rice paper rolls, because I’m over poke bowls, and you know … my horizons are broad.

Outfit Details

Blazer – Lord & Taylor (similar)

T-Shirt – Adidas

Track Pants – Pretty Little Things (similar)

Boots – Alexander Wang (only site I could find still with decent stock!)

Sunglasses – Karen Walker

NYFW Diary: Day 2

NYFW Diary: Day 2

Day 2 I channelled big bird. And ran into Tess who coincidentally was feeling the lemon pallet too.

I watched my favourite show of the week this day – GCDS – literally wanted to follow the models back stage and peel the clothes right off of them. This is what a love about fashion week, falling in love with a designer ‘court’ side. Have a look at this snippet from the show and see what you think.

After the show I went to Banter and ate this. Then I strolled on over to Concept Korea, popped into the Milly presentation and landed at the WWD x Samsung Party. I drank two glasses of Sav Blanc and made the very important decision to ditch my evening events for pasta.

 A bowl of spaghetti and scallops later I was once again, in bed. Party – Animal.

Outfit Details

Top – Storets


Boots – Gucci

Bag – Chloé


NYFW Diary: Day 1

NYFW Diary: Day 1

First day of NYFW seems like a life time ago, but we’re still only on Day 5. Well, the rest of the fashion world is on Day 5. I’m hiding out in my apartment, still in my track pants at 3pm, playing catch up on life.

So let’s rewind to Day 1…

I went to brunch with Shopbop and ate mini pancake stacks covered in chocolate. Then I ran to the Cinq à Sept Presentation on the rooftop of the Beekman Hotel which was tres chic – I mean, look at thisThen I headed to the Noon by Noor show which really made me want one of these. Then I somehow apparated to midtown for a very exciting new project I’m working on which I’ll be sharing soon, whoop! Then flew back for the Tadashi showThen I hit the rooftop of the New Museum for a beauty event, then crawled to the Shopbop cocktail party where I drank something that tasted like pop rocks before rolling myself into a hurst and heading home.

I was in bed at 8:30pm.

And this is what I wore – Natasha Zinko, she’s so cool guys, you gotta check out her stuff!

Street Style Image via W Magazine 

Outfit Details

Denim Jacket – Natasha Zinko

Denim Skirt – Natasha Zinko

Tube Top – Urban Outfitters

Boots – Alexander Wang

Sunglasses – Karen Walker




Photos by Charlotte Bridgeman of Winston & Willow


Day 5 Outfit

New Hair Colour by David at FourteenJay

Hemant & Nandita Vest

ASOS Slip here (similar here)

Adidas Stan Smiths here and here

Duposh Clutch here


NYFW DAY 3 & 4

NYFW DAY 3 & 4


Day 3 Photos shot by Katie Fergus



Day 4 Photos shot by Demetrius Freeman



Day 1 Outfit

Ronny Kobo Bell Sleeve Mimi Top here

Topshop Jeans here

Givenchy Antigona Bag here

Mode Collective Mules here


Day 2 Outfit

Zara Dress (similar here)

Ballettonet Boots (similar here, and more affordable ones here)

Chloe Drew Bag here and here


NYFW DAY 1 & 2

NYFW DAY 1 & 2


My first NYFW has come to an end and I’m now sitting in my living room wearing an oversized In N’ Out t-shirt, old pair of pyjama shorts and some mis-matched socks. It’s my favourite outfit of the week. I kid (kind of).


Well I can only recount the last (to be honest I have no idea how many days the ‘week’ actually is) from my own personal experience as I’m positive it is not the same for all those in attendance. There were no private cars for me, just an exorbitant uber bill. I did get body checked by KK’s body guard at the Kendall & Kylie party though – so we’re basically bffs now.


Anyways. My first lesson of the week was that September in New York is the equivalent of living inside the equator. I have yet to learn the weather in fahrenheit (not likely that I will) so it was an average temp of 35° with 1000% humidity and no breeze. Last Friday, at 9:30pm we enjoyed a blissful 37°, I could hardly eat my Tacombi tacos – which is saying a lot as I had tacos for dinner 4 times last week.


So naturally, for the first two days, I wore a Kenzo sweater, ankle boots, and shouldered a bomber as I’ve always been one to dress appropriately for the weather.


Photos by Jeff Shuh (unless otherwise stated)


Image sourced from Popsugar

Image sourced from Popsugar


Day 1 Outfit

Tenby Frilled Top

Alice + Olivia Skirt here

Dior Sunglasses here

Chloe ‘Drew’ Bag here (more versions here)

Hemant and Nandita Bomber (similar ones from Topshop here and here)


Day 2 Outfit

Kenzo Sweater here

Zara Skirt (similar here)

Friend in Fashion Ballettonet Boots here (more affordable version here)

Florian London Bag here



similar pieces:

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