How I Got The Hair I’ve Always Wanted

How I Got The Hair I’ve Always Wanted


I wasn’t blessed with naturally beautiful hair but thankfully these days there are people who can give it to you. I’ve had a lot of questions about my hair over the last few months, so here’s a round up of my answers!



Hands down the best salon I’ve ever been to. I’ve been going here for 6 months now and I’ve genuinely never been happier with my hair.

David Adams is my colourist and he consistently nails the warm blonde tone I so dearly covet. If you’re a blonde you know how hard it is to get the colour right, so when you find someone who can, you never leave them.

Frank Rizzieri does my extensions and style and has transformed my hair into something I only ever dreamed of. He’s taught me how to properly take care of my hair and which products I should and should not be using. He is a wizard, I kid you not.


MY EXTENSIONS: Vomor Extensions

Frank introduced me to these and they’ve changed my entire hair routine! For the first time in my life I have thick hair that holds it’s style and doesn’t require a daily blow dry. I’ve never been a girl who can curl her hair and have it survive a night’s sleep, but with these extensions I get a solid 3-4 days out of my style. This means less heat and less product and therefore much healthier hair. A little dry shampoo in the top each morning and I’m good to go.

I also think they’re the most natural looking extensions I’ve ever come across. They blend perfectly with my hair and feel soft and healthy to the touch.


MY SHAMPOO: AVEDA Colour Conserve

I swear by this shampoo. It preserves tone and colour like nothing I’ve ever used before. Over Christmas I forgot to pack it on my trip home, and after my first wash without it the tone of my hair had been completely compromised. I will never travel without it again!



My natural hair is so fine and prone to breakage – I’ve spent years trying different damage repair remedies. With this conditioner I can actually feel a change in my hair’s strength just by running my fingers through it. I also feel like its made my hair more resilient to heat, which is huge for me as I love a good blow dry and curl.


MY BLOWDRYER: R Sessions Pro Tools

Who new the type of blow dryer you use was important? This was news to me, but as soon as I started using this dryer I understood. It protects my hair so I never end up with that frizzy electrocuted look, instead its shiny and smooth – of course using a good round brush is also key for this.


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